Stratus ID leverages the power of the cloud to provide increased efficiency through streamlined communication and built-in, customizable workflows for management approval. The convenient reporting on users and account changes, as well as full integration and synchronization with common applications (such as Active Directory, SharePoint, Office 365 and Exchange Online) further improve efficiency, saving valuable time for your team. Stratus ID also exists in the cloud, relying on Microsoft Azure. Stratus ID is flexible and scalable, allowing it to grow and change along with your business. An on-premise version of Stratus ID is also available for purchase through Stratiform. All of these features allow Stratus ID to provide invaluable benefits to a variety of business functions, including:

Benefits to IT

Automated onboarding tasks throughout the environment
Onboard approval workflows
Access on any device anywhere, so your onboard requests can start and be approved anywhere at any time.
On premise integration – connect Stratus Id with any on premise system for greater efficiency.

Benefits to HR

Streamlined onboarding method
Simplified communication between HR, IT and hiring managers
Easy identity management for name and position changes
Electronic records of all changes
Effortless offboarding

Benefits to the environment

Paperless onboarding and offboarding process
Electronic records of all changes
Paperless billing

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